List of participants

List of participants will be updated frequently to provide up-to-date overview of all conference participants and the state of the review process of their abstracts.

ID Participant name University Title of contribution Abstract accepted Payment received
002 Veronika Hedija College of Polytechnics Jihlava Gender Pay Gap in Different Sectors of Czech Economy Yes Yes
003 Jaroslav Zbranek University of Economics in Prague Regional Input-Output Tables Yes Yes
004 Milan Bouda University of Economics, Prague Macroprudential experiment using the DSGE model of the Czech Republic with Housing sector Yes Yes
005 Jaroslav Ramík Silesian University in Opava Pairwise Comparison Matrix With Fuzzy Elements Yes Yes
006 Jiří Mazurek Silesian University An Alternative Approach to Interval AHP Yes Yes
007 Zuzana Kučerová VSB-Technical University of Ostrava The Comovement of Financial and Trade Integration: Wavelet Co-Spectrum Approach Yes Yes
009 Michal Kvasnička Masaryk University Search for the optimal strategy to spread a viral video: An agent-based model optimized with genetic algorithms Yes Yes
010 Jaroslav Janacek University of Zilina Lexicographic Optimal Public Service System Design Yes Yes
011 Marek Kvet University of Žilina - University Science Park Price of Fairness in Public Service System Design Yes Yes
012 Jan Gorecki Silesian University in Opava The consistency of estimators for hierarchical Archimedean copulas estimation Yes Yes
013 Přemysl Bejda Charles University Geometric median, its applications and generalizations Yes Yes
014 Jana Krejčí University of Trento Fuzzy Maximal Eigenvalues of Fuzzy Pairwise Comparison Matrices Yes Yes
015 Vladimír Hajko Mendel University The trends in the income distributions in the EU Yes Yes
016 Kateřina Myšková Mendel University in Brno Influence of Technical Parameters of Underpasses and Economical Aspects on Wildlife Migrations Yes Yes
018 Jan Pelikán University of Economics Prague Randomized heuristics for capacitated arc routing problem Yes Yes
019 Ales Melecky VSB-TU Ostrava Credit risk in the Czech Construction Sector Yes Yes
020 Juraj Pekár Economics University in Bratislava Open vehicle routing problem Yes Yes
021 Luboš Marek University of Economics, Prague Interventions in time series Yes Yes
022 Miroslav Hloušek Masaryk University Zero lower bound on interest rate: application of DSGE model on Czech economy Yes Yes
023 Ladislav Kristoufek UTIA AV CR, v.v.i. Commodity futures and market efficiency Yes Yes
024 Štěpán Veselý Masaryk University Identification of player types in ultimatum bargaining games Yes Yes
025 Petr Volf UTIA AV ČR On Bayes approach to optimization Yes Yes
027 Petra Kummerová Masaryk University Comparison of prediction power of BVAR and DSGE models Yes Yes
028 Jana Kramulova University of Economics, Prague Application of optimisation models in visualisation of regional data Yes Yes
029 Miloslav Vosvrda UTIA AV CR, v.v.i. Commodity futures and market efficiency Yes Yes
031 Pavla Melicheríková Palacký University Olomouc A Cost-based Model for Support of Decision-making about a Spare-parts Storage Yes Yes
032 Vaclava Pankova University of Economics Capital mobility measurements Yes Yes
033 Roman Šperka Silesian University in Opava On Trading Price Microeconomic Estimation in Monte Carlo Simulation Yes Yes
034 Milan Horniaček Comenius University in Bratislava Strong Nash general equilibrium Yes Yes
035 Lucie Zotyková Silesian University in Opava On a Gravity Equation of Trade: A Case of Germany and the Czech Republic Yes Yes
036 Martin Branda Charles University in Prague Sample approximation techniques for DEA-risk efficiency tests Yes Yes
037 Karel Sladky Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR The Variance of Discounted Rewards in Markov Decision Processes: Laurent Expansion and Sensitive Optimality Yes Yes
038 Matej Cebecauer University of Ziline Generating Data Model for the Public Service System Design from the OpenStreetMap: Network and the Shortest Paths Yes Yes
039 Maria Kobzareva Univercity of economics Prague Fuzzy approach for portfolio selection problem Yes Yes
040 Richard Horský University of Economics, Prague Random Walk Process And Its Invertibility Yes Yes
041 Filip Tošenovský Silesian University An Analysis of the Interconnection of the Czech and Global Stock Markets Yes Yes
042 Radek Hendrych Charles University in Prague Recursive Estimators of GARCH Models: Selected Problems Yes Yes
043 Simona Hašková Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice Analytical Microeconomics as a Search Tool for the Stock Optimum Yes Yes
044 Jacek Stelmach University of Ekonomics in Katowice On the use of genetic algorithms in the selection of predictors of nonparametric regression models Yes Yes
045 Michal Koháni University of Žilina Heuristic Approach to the Zone Partitioning Problem in Counting Zones Tariff System Yes Yes
046 Petr Kučera Czech University of Life Sciences Mathematical models of the work contour in project management Yes Yes
047 Dawid Detko University of Economics in Katowice Assessing properties of certain probability estimators under ordering constraints Yes
048 Helena Myšková Technical University of Košice Interval Max-drast Systems of Linear Equations Yes Yes
049 Vlasta Kaňková Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the AS CR Multiobjective Stochastic Optimization Problems with Probability Constraints Yes Yes
050 Karel Zimmermann MFF UK Machine Time Scheduling Problems with Extremally Separable Functions Yes Yes
051 Vojtěch Graf VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Timetable Optimization for Charter Air Transport Company Yes Yes
052 Angelina Rajda University of Ekonomics in Katowice Inference about product reliability by the analysis of complaints as a strategy for manufacturing process optimization Yes Yes
053 Kamila Hasilová University of Defence Iterative Bandwidth Selection in Kernel Discriminant Analysis Yes Yes
054 Štefan Lyócsa University of Economics, Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Kosice Mean-Variance Distance Based Stock Market Networks in Portfolio Optimization Yes


055 Petra Dotlačilová University of Economics in Prague The use of polynomial functions for modelling of mortality at the advanced ages Yes Yes
056 Michal Dorda VSB - TU Ostrava M/En/1/m queueing system subject to disasters and balking customers when server is down Yes Yes
057 Miroslav Žižka Technical University of Liberec Model of Evaluation of Socio-Economic Disparities of Sub-Regional Units in the Czech Republic Yes Yes
058 Ondřej Šimpach University of Economics Prague Stochastic Modelling of Age-specific Mortality Rates for Demographic Projections: The Two Different Approaches Yes Yes
059 Tomáš Formánek VSE Prague Robustness in estimated macroeconomic policy factors for the Czech Republic Yes Yes
060 Petr Seda VSB-TU Ostrava Conditional Volatility Model Selection and Comparison: Example from Stock Markets Yes Yes
061 Tomáš Talášek Palacky University in Olomouc Investment decision making using fuzzy scorecards - mutual funds selection Yes Yes
062 Radmila Stoklasová Silesian University, School of Business Administartion The influence of world oil prices on wheat price level Yes Yes
063 Michal Cerny University of Economics, Prague Interval data and sample variance: computational issues Yes Yes
065 Katarzyna Zeug-Żebro University of Economics in Katowice The effect of the NRL indicator on the accuracy of financial series forecasts Yes Yes
066 Milena Hermannová Slezská univerzita v Opavě Measuring of the distance between companies based on the data of the financial statement Yes
067 Tomasz Nawrocki Silesian University of Technology The use of fuzzy logic in the enterprises operating risk assessment on the example of coal mining companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Yes Yes
069 Jana Langhamrová University of Economics, Prague Life Expectancy and Modal Age at Death in the Czech Republic in 1920-2012 Yes Yes
071 Pavel Holeček Palacký University Olomouc Multiple-Criteria Fuzzy Evaluation in FuzzME - Transitions Between Different Aggregation Operators Yes Yes
072 Vladimír Přibyl University of Economics in Prague Delay Management in Public transport Yes Yes
073 Vlastimil Reichel Masaryk University RBC model vs. New Keynesian model: time series analysis of Czech data Yes Yes
074 Jana Šimáková Silesian University in Opava Exchange Rate Sensitivity of Hungarian Trade Flows: Evidence from Industry Data Yes
076 Jan Kalina Institute of Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Robust regularized cluster analysis for high-dimensional data Yes Yes
077 Stanislaw Barczak University of Economics in Katowice Modeling the volatility:gray model GM(1,1)-GARCH vs. conventional GARCH model. Yes Yes
078 Stanislav Sopko University of Economics Using cluster analysis techniques based on K-means and Kohonen clustering methods in credit scoring Yes Yes
079 Vítězslav Píša Kolin Institute of Technology A microeconometric analysis of household demand for transport services in the Czech Republic Yes Yes
081 Jan Fábry University of Economics Prague Heuristic Algorithms for Dynamic Multiple Messenger Problem Yes
082 Ondřej Čížek University of Economics, Prague Forecasting Unemployment in the Eurozone Yes Yes
083 Elena Kuchina University of Economics, Prague Analysis of the Dependence of the Biggest Oil Companies’ Revenues on the World Oil and Gas Price by using Panel Data Tools Yes Yes
085 Daniela Ponce University Hradec Králové Analysis of queuing problems using agent-based simulation Yes
086 Monika Papież Cracow University of Economics A dynamic analysis of causality between prices of corn, crude oil and ethanol Yes Yes
087 Marco Cassader University of Bergamo and VSB - TUO Numerical Methods for Option Pricing Yes
089 Jan Kodera University of Economics, Prague Evaluation of the effects of inflation targeting policy by a modified VAR model Yes Yes
090 Quang Van Tran University of Economics, Prague A simulated heterogeneous agent double auction stock market Yes Yes
091 Ľubica Šimková FSES Comenius University in Bratislava Impact of cooperation on firms on both sides of the market on innovation Yes Yes
092 Marie Pechrová Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Parametric and Non-Parametric Calculation of Technical Efficiency: Application on the Czech Local Action Groups Yes Yes
093 Anastasiya Fesenko University of Economics The real use of operations research methods in conjunction with logistics technologies Yes Yes
094 Igor Krejčí CULS Prague Sensitivity Analysis in Czech Input-Output Tables Yes
095 Maciej Kostrzewski Cracow University of Economics Commodity prices and real and financial processes in the Euro area: a Bayesian SVAR approach Yes Yes
096 Robert Hlavatý CULS Saaty‘s matrix revisited: Securing the consistency of pairwise comparisons Yes Yes
097 Jan Bruha KIT A Comparison of Bayesian Methods for Estimating of Multivariate Models with Censored Data Yes Yes
098 Małgorzata Szerszunowicz University of Economics in Katowice On the use of balanced half sample method in the construction of factorial designs Yes Yes
099 Elena Mielcová Silesian University Opava Application of an Asymmetric Banzhaf Power index: The Case of the Czech Parliament Yes Yes
100 Vladimir Mlynarovič Comenius university Multiple Criteria Approaches in Insurance Fraud and Receivables Nonpayment Risk Modeling Yes Yes
101 Petra Matušková VSB-TU Ostrava Estimating capital requirement according to Solvency II and its impact on insurance companies Yes Yes
102 Grzegorz Michalski Wroclaw university of economics Analysis of risk sensitivity influence on liquid assets levels Yes
103 Monika Molnárová FEI TUKE Robustness of Monge matrices in fuzzy algebra Yes Yes
104 Jiri Kalina Masaryk University Mathematical and economic model of municipal waste management using Maple Yes Yes
105 Stanisław Wanat Cracow University of Economics The conditional dependence structure between precious metals: a copula-GARCH approach Yes Yes
107 Štefan Peško University of Žilina Matrix permutation problem for fair workload distribution Yes Yes
108 Jaroslava Pražáková University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Financial threats of network stability caused by fragments tending to bankruptcy Yes Yes
109 Stanislav Palúch Žilinská univerzita v Žiline A Heuristic Approach to the p-Median Problem Using a Set Covering Formulation Yes Yes
110 Tomáš Majer Žilinská univerzita v Žiline Designing a Fair Public Urban Transport System Yes Yes
111 Petr Rozmahel Mendel University in Brno Some methodological limitations of business cycle correlation assessment within the European area Yes Yes
112 Magdalena Chmielińska University of Ekonomics in Katowice The cost of acceptance sampling in case of alternative qualifications of products due to many features Yes Yes
113 Martin Dlouhý University of Economics Resource Allocation Games Yes Yes
114 Ladislava Issever Grochová Mendelu in Brno Alternative approach of assessing European countries efficiency from the perspective of sustainable economic performance Yes Yes
115 Luboš Střelec Mendel University in Brno On the measurement of sustainable economic performance Yes Yes
116 Marian Reiff University of economics in Bratislava Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Yes Yes
118 Jiri Hrebicek Mendel University Evaluation of corporate performance using data envelopment analysis with Maple Yes Yes
120 Petr Kozel VSB - TU Ostrava The using of linear programming for solving the municipal waste collection problem Yes Yes
121 Martin Slanicay Masaryk University Analysis of Structural Differences between Czech economy and Euro Area using Impulse Responses Yes Yes
122 Radim Dolák Silesian University in Opava Categorical data analysis: Lean Company research Yes Yes
123 Hana Tomášková Univerzity of Hradec Králové Max-prod eigenvectors and their applications in decision making Yes Yes
124 Martina Zámková College of Polytechnics Jihlava Consumer behaviour of young people from Slovak Republic on the field of the bioproducts by using the correspondence and dependence analysis Yes Yes
125 Pavel Pražák University of Hradec Kralove Optimal Control Model of Production-Inventory System Yes Yes
126 Eva Bohanesová Palacký University in Olomouc Fuzzy Logic Controller for Investment Strategy Determination Yes Yes
127 Zuzana Dlouhá VŠE v Praze Factors of satisfaction with chosen study programme Yes
128 Adam Pápai Masaryk University Labour market rigidities: A DSGE approach Yes Yes
129 Kirill Odintsov University of Economics, Prague Semi-definite relaxation of quadratic programming Yes Yes
130 Zuzana Chvatalova Brno University of Technology Optimization of Logistics in Service Company Yes Yes
131 Tomáš Tichý VSB-TU Ostrava Comparison of market risk models with respect to suggestd changes of Basel Accord Yes Yes
132 Nataliya Soldatyuk University of Economics Methods of solving missing data issues in credit risk scoring and comparison of its effectiveness Yes Yes
133 Jaroslav Dufek Charles University in Prague Multifactor dynamic credit risk model Yes Yes
134 Daniel Němec Masaryk University Efficiency of the European labour markets: The Case of Czech Republic (A Stochastic frontier model approach) Yes Yes
135 Jan Černý University of Economics in Prague Modification of the Method PRIVOL for Optimal Routing and Frequencing Yes Yes
136 Mario Fedrizzi University of Trento Group Possibilistic Risk Aversion and its Impact on Giga-Investments’ Insurance Yes Yes
137 Anna Černá University of Economics in Prague Optimal Scheduling of Vehicles for Wheelchair Users Yes Yes
138 Josef Jablonsky University of Economics, Prague Multiplicative efficiency and cross-efficiency: a comparative study Yes Yes
139 Helena Brozova Czech University of Life Sciences Analysis of the project threats and risks Yes Yes
140 Sławomir Śmiech Cracow University of Economics Dissimilarity of commodity prices – the results of time series clustering Yes Yes
141 Karel Lavička Charles University in Prague Futures Trading with Transaction Costs Yes Yes
142 Lucie Chytilová Vysoká škola báňská – Technická univerzita Ostrava Analysis of bank efficiency: an application of DEA approach in the Czech commercial banks Yes Yes
143 Ondřej Pavlačka Palacký University Olomouc Probability of Fuzzy Events Yes Yes
145 Michal Řičař University of Economics, Prague Factor and Principal Component Analysis in Scoring Modeling using SAS® System Yes Yes
147 Marie Docekalova Brno University of Technology Sustainable Performance Measurement Using Data Envelopment Analysis Yes Yes
148 Petr Suchánek Silesian University in Opava Analysis of Portfolio Options in the Field of Financial Logistics Yes Yes
149 Michaela Staníčková VŠB-TU Ostrava Examination of Internal Relations in Input-Output Factors of Competitiveness by SEM Method Yes Yes
150 Jana Talašová Palacky University in Olomouc HR management through linguistic fuzzy rule bases Yes Yes
151 Jan Stoklasa Palacky University in Olomouc Classifier performance assessment in social science - does the quality of data matter? Yes Yes
152 Jitka Bartosova University of Economics in Prague The measure of separation of components in final mixtures of probability densities Yes Yes
153 Lukáš Melecký VŠB – TU Ostrava Slack-Based Measure Model for Classifying Efficiency within EU NUTS 2 Regions Yes Yes
154 Mehdi Toloo VŠB – TU Ostrava Dynamic Development of Regional Efficiency by Malmquist Index: Competitive Zones Yes
155 Malgorzata K. Krzciuk University of Economics in Katowice On the design accuracy of Royall’s predictor of domain total for longitudinal data Yes Yes
157 Zuzana Kiszová Silesian University in Opava Multicriteria evaluation of employees – case study Yes Yes
158 Karol Szomolányi University of Economics in Bratislava Small Open Economy Real Business Cycle Model of the Slovak Economy Yes Yes
159 Dominika Polko University of Ekonomics in Katowice On testing the similarity of multivariate populations structures Yes Yes
160 Veronika Končiková Masaryk University The impact of China’s economic rise on Czech Republic’s car exports Yes Yes
161 Petr Lachout Charles University in Praha On functional definition of time-series models Yes Yes
162 Miroslav Plevný University of West Bohemia A production line inventory control model with an unbalanced output of the individual production facilities and with respect to other limitations Yes Yes
163 Zuzana Němcová University of Hradec Králové Cost optimization of queuing models in a service line Yes Yes
164 Agata Gluzicka University of Economics in Katowice Diversification Effect on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Yes
165 Rostislav Stanek Masaryk University Convergence to monetary equilibrium in search model Yes Yes
166 Nikola Kaspříková VŠE v Praze Finding Optimal Variable Weights for Distance Calculation Using Metaheuristic Algorithms Yes Yes
167 Petr Fiala University of Economics, Prague Models of Coordination Games Yes Yes
168 Milan Vlach Institute of Information Theory and Automation Approximation operators in covering-based approach to rough sets Yes Yes
170 Milan Šimek Technical University of Ostrava Do active employment policy programmes contribute to a lowering of unemployment in the EU countries? Yes Yes
171 Ondřej Krčál Masaryk University An agent-based model of a long‐distance passenger rail service: testing the efficiency of the optimization algorithm Yes Yes
172 Jan Melechovsky University of Economics, Prague A Variable Neighborhood Search for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Time Windows Yes Yes
173 Libor Zidek ESF_MU The role of exchange rate dynamics in Bulgaria and Romania in the process of economic transition Yes Yes
174 Dusan Teichmann VSB - TU Ostrava Modelling Destination Portfolio for International Regional Airport Yes Yes
175 Jiri Hofman University of West Bohemia Markov chain model used for sensitivity analysis of paid/unpaid claims in after-payment-due process Yes Yes
176 Klára Hrůzová Palacký University Compositional orthogonal regression of the resource efficiency in manufacturing Yes Yes
177 Kamila Fačevicová Palacký University Compositional tables analysis with application to manufacturing Yes Yes
178 Silvie Belaskova Palacky University Detection of Influential Factors on Unemployment Duration of University of Tomas Bata Graduates by the Hazard Model Yes Yes
180 Michal Houda Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic A note on the use of copulas in chance-constrained programming Yes Yes
182 Petr Cermak Silesian University The Broker model in the Emission allowances trading system Yes
183 Tamara Rudinskaya CULS Estimation of Technical Efficiency of Food Processing Firms in the Czech Republic over the crisis period Yes Yes
184 František Koblasa Technical University of Liberec Application of Adaptive Evolution Algorithm on real-world Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems Yes Yes
185 Michaela Tichá The University of Economics, Prague Analysis of the dependence of GDP of the Russian Federation and the European Union on the Oil Demand and Oil Supply Yes Yes
186 Jan Acedański University of Economics in Katowice Modelling life cycle earnings and wealth in Poland using an overlapping generation model Yes Yes
187 Sergio Ortobelli Lozza University of Bergamo On the use of dispersion measures consistent with additive shifts Yes Yes
188 Marek A. Dąbrowski Cracow University of Economics Are exchange rates in CEE countries driven by monetary fundamentals? Evidence from a panel approach Yes Yes
189 Markéta Matulová ESF, Masaryk University, Brno A New Measure of Consistency of Additive Preference Matrix in Pairwise Comparisons Yes Yes
190 Agata Drobiszová VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Uncertainty or Level of Government Expenditure - What Is More Harmful for Economy? Yes Yes
191 Radek Jurčík Mendel University in Brno Evaluation and Analyses of Cartel and Abuse of Dominant position Yes
192 Václav Adamec PEF, Mendel University Effects of Interventions and Outliers on Mean Function and Volatility in Currency Exchange Rates Yes Yes
193 Kateřina Zelinková VSB - Technical University Measurement of Risk Assuming Student Distribution Yes
194 Jan Manďák VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava Efficiency of 15 EU countries and the role of ICT: A stochastic frontier analysis approach Yes Yes
195 Edward Kasem Mendel university Statistical Method and Neural Network for Sustainability Evaluation Yes Yes
196 Stanislav Tvrz Masaryk University Nonlinear DSGE model of a small open economy with time-varying parameters: Czech economy in a period of recession Yes Yes
197 Bronislav Chramcov Tomas Bata University in Zlín Decision Making Support of Manufacturing Tasks in the Logistic System Yes Yes
198 Kamila Olševičová University of Hradec Králové Combining System Dynamics and Agent-based Modeling in Land-Use Simulation Yes Yes
199 Tomasz Węgrzyn University of Economics in Katowice The omega ratio in the performance evaluation of mutual funds using the market timing strategy on the Polish financial market Yes Yes
200 Aleksandra Baszczyńska University of Lodz Statistical inference about modality of random variable Yes Yes
201 Věra Jandová Palacky University in Olomouc Developement of the AHP based model for evaluating artistic production of Czech colleges Yes Yes
202 Radosław Pietrzyk Wroclaw University of Economics Evaluation of mutual fund performance on Polish capital market with the use of market timing models Yes Yes
203 Vratislav Pisca Masaryk University DSGE model with a government sector and inflation targeting: Structural changes of the Czech economy in a period of recession Yes Yes
205 Tommaso Lando VŠB-TU Ostrava Bibliometric indicators compared with peer review judgement Yes Yes
206 Pavel Zimmermann University of Economics, Prague Index Clause Valuation under Stochastic Inflation and Interest Rate Yes Yes
207 David Hampel FBE Mendelu Simulation of reforestation system Yes Yes
208 Zuzana Szkorupová Slezská univerzita v Opavě Optimum Currency Area Index for selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe Yes
209 Miloš Kopa Charles University in Prague, MFF Minimal Risk Portfolios under SSD efficiency constraints Yes Yes
210 Pawel Rokita Wroclaw University of Economics Optimization of financing multiple goals with multiple investment programs for household financial planning Yes Yes
211 Marta Malecka University of Lodz Multivariate approach to testing VaR models Yes Yes
212 Kamila Tureckova Silesian University in Opava Poverty analysis and measuring income inequality in Czech Republic Yes Yes
213 Karolína Súkupová Masaryk University Small open economy during the period of recession: Non--linear DSGE model approach Yes


214 Anna Dobešová Mendel University in Brno Asymmetries in Effects of Monetary Policy and their Link to Labour Market – Application of TVP-VARs to Three European Countries Yes Yes
215 Michele Fedrizzi University of Trento Pareto efficient weights from pairwise comparison matrices and norm--induced distances Yes Yes
216 Karel Mls University of Hradec Kralove Fuzzy grey AHP Yes Yes
218 Frantisek Zapletal VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Mean-risk model optimizing the heavy industrial company’s profit with respect to environmental aspects Yes Yes
219 Petr Královič EkF VŠB-TUO The Application of Real Options and Game Theory in Investment Project Evaluation Yes
220 Štěpán Mikula Masaryk University Minimum wage setting mechanism and its effects Yes Yes
221 Justyna Wróblewska Cracow University of Economics Financial shocks and real exchange rate movements in Poland and Slovakia in the global financial crisis Yes Yes
222 Martina Kuncova University of Economics in Prague Analysis of the efficiency of the electricity supplier selection depending upon the price changes Yes Yes
223 Jana Sekničková University of Economics Prague Evaluation of the locality influence on the electricity supplier selection Yes Yes
226 Jan Voracek College of Polytechnics Jihlava Modeling, Optimization and Visualization of Hospital Emergency Department Yes Yes
227 Barbora Ptáčková VSB - TUO Using of real option in the company valuation Yes
230 Anna Sroczyńska-Baron University of Economics in Katowice The analysis of the limit of obligatory offer for chosen sectors in Poland with the use of cooperative games Yes Yes
231 Zuzana Palová Silesian University in Opava Correlation analysis of regional disparities - the unemployment rate and crime regions of the Czech Republic Yes Yes
233 Vaclav Skoluda University of Economics, Prague Comparative sensitivity analysis of CGE model results obtained by different model formulations Yes
234 Jana Hvozdenská Masaryk University The Determinants of Bond Spreads Yes Yes
235 Renata Klufová University of South Bohemia Is it possible to use multi-criteria criteria decision making methods for rural typology? Yes Yes
236 Radomír Perzina Silesian University in Opava Solving Multicriteria Decision Making Problems using Microsoft Excel Yes Yes
237 Kvetoslava Surmanová University of Economics in Bratislava Analysis of Slovak Republic Regional Economic Disparities with Panel Data Methodology Yes
238 Mikael Collan Lappeenranta University of Technology Could Reconstructing a Fuzzy Method for Investment Valuation with Subjective Probability Make Any Sense? Yes Yes
239 Ivana Urbaničová University of Žilina Genetic algorithm for lexicographic p-median problem Yes
241 Oleg Deev Masaryk University Banking Integration in Europe: a cointegration-based network approach Yes
242 Martina Zouharová University of Economics, Prague Efficiency analysis with undesirable ouputs Yes
243 Svatopluk Kapounek Mendel University in Brno Credit and Business Cycle Co-movements in V4 countries: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis Yes Yes
244 Šárka Čemerková SU OPF Assessment of the impact of rising transportation logistics requirements through traffic accidents on transport security in the EU Yes
245 Lourdes Gabriela Daza Aramayo University of Economics, Prague Measuring efficiency of South American companies using DEA Yes
246 Pavel Kolman Mendel University Brno Dynamic transportation problem with partial limitations of material for each participant of the transport. Yes Yes
247 Emília Draženská Technical University On the Crossig number of Cartesian Products Yes Yes
248 Iveta Bebcakova Palacky University Olomouc Analysis of beauty contest data Yes Yes
249 Ludvík Friebel University of South Bohemia Using Malmquist index for evaluation of life quality development in the districts of the Czech Republic Yes Yes
250 Ladislav Lukáš University of West Bohemia Numerical analysis of 3-D nonlinear financial model with lagged variables – influence of initial histories Yes Yes
251 Milan Svoboda University of West Bohemia Possibilities of using Markov chains for construction of technical analysis indicators of stock exchange index PX Yes Yes
252 Ladislav Beranek University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice A Belief Theoretic Approach for Recommendation in E-business Yes Yes
253 Yuri Lawryshyn University of Toronto A Comprehensive Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis Using Real Options Yes Yes
255 Adam Borovička University of Economics Prague Application possibilities of McCahone’s approach Yes Yes
256 Mikuláš Luptáčik Vienna University of Economics and Business Data Envelopment Analysis for Measuring Economic Growth in Terms of Welfare Beyond GDP Yes Yes


List of co-authors and passive participants

ID Participant name University Payment received
903 Šárka Michalcová VŠB - TU - Ostrava Yes
904 Osvald Vašíček Masaryk University Yes
905 Dorota Pekasiewicz University of Lodz Yes
906 Tomáš Šubrt Czech University of Life Sciences Yes
907 Jan Bartoška Czech University of Life Sciences Yes
908 Jakub Vítek VŠB - TU - Ostrava Yes
909 Milan Houška CULS Prague Yes
910 Tomáš Výrost University of Economics, Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Kosice Yes
911 Eduard Hozlár Comenius university Yes
912 Aleš Máca Czech University of Life Sciences Yes
914 Robert Jahoda Masaryk University Yes
915 Monika Miśkiewicz-Nawrocka University of Economics in Katowice Yes