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MME 2014 - Conference Proceedings
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Table of contents

Authors Title Page
J. Acedański: Pension reforms and welfare gains from eliminating business cycle in Poland 1
V. Adamec: Effects of Interventions and Outliers on Mean Function and Volatility in Currency Exchange Rates 7
J. Bartošová, V. Bína: The measure of separation of components in final mixtures of probability densities 13
A. Baszczyńska, D. Pekasiewicz: Statistical inference about modality of random variable 19
I. Bebčáková, P. Kouřilová: Social choice function and multiple criteria group decision making 25
P. Bejda: Generalization of Geometric Median 31
S. Bělašková, E. Fišerová: Detection of Influential Factors on Unemployment Duration of Tomáš Baťa University Graduates by the Hazard Model 37
L. Beránek: A Belief Theoretic Approach to Finding a True Value from Recommendations in E-business 43
M. Bouda: Macroprudential experiment using the DSGE model of the Czech Republic with Housing sector 49
M. Branda: Sample approximation techniques for DEA-risk efficiency tests 55
H. Brožová, J. Bartoška, T. Šubrt: Fuzzy Approach to Risk Appetite in Project Management 61
J. Brůha: A Comparison of Bayesian Methods for Estimating of Multivariate Models with Censored Data 67
M. Cassader, T. Tichy: Numerical Methods for Option Pricing 73
M. Cebecauer: Generating Data Model for the Public Service System Design from the OpenStreetMap: Network and the Shortest Paths 79
A. Černá, J. Černý, J. Matuška: Optimal Scheduling of Vehicles for Wheelchair Users in Public Transport 85
A. Černá, J. Černý, Š. Peško: Modification of the Method PRIVOL for Optimal Routing and Frequencing 89
M. Černý: Interval data and sample variance: Computational issues 95
M. Chmielińska: The cost of acceptance sampling in case of alternative qualifications of products due to many features 100
B. Chramcov, R. Bucki: Decision Making Support of Logistics Tasks in the Manufacturing System 106
Z. Chvátalová, J. Hřebíček, H. Zaoralová: Optimization of Logistics in Service Company for Sustainability Performance 112
L. Chytilová: Analysis of Bank Efficiency: An Application of DEA Approach in the Czech Commercial Banks 118
Z. Čičková, I. Brezina, J. Pekár: Open Vehicle Routing Problem 124
Z. Čičková, M. Reiff, K. Surmanová: Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows 128
O. Čížek: Forecasting unemployment in the Eurozone 133
M. Collan, M. Fedrizzi, P. Luukka: Group possibilistic risk aversion in fuzzy pay-off method 139
M. A. Dąbrowski, M. Papież, S. Śmiech: Are exchange rates in CEE countries driven by monetary fundamentals? Evidence from a panel approach 145
Z. Dlouhá, M. Dlouhý: Factors of dissatisfaction with chosen study programme 151
A. Dobešová, D. Hampel: Asymmetries in Effects of Monetary Policy and their Link to Labour Market - Application of TVP-VARs to Three European Countries 156
R. Dolák, J. Górecki, L. Slechan, M. Kubát: Categorical data analysis from Lean Company research 162
M. Dorda, D. Teichmann: M/E_n/1/m Queuing System Subject to Catastrophes 168
P. Dotlačilová, O. Šimpach, J. Langhamrová: The Use of Polynomial Functions for Modelling of Mortality at the Advanced Ages 174
E. Draženská: On the Crossing Number of Cartesian Products 180
J. Dufek, M. Šmíd: Multifactor dynamic credit risk model 185
J. Fábry: Heuristic Algorithms for Multiple Messenger Problem with Multiple Depots 191
K. Fačevicová, V. Todorov, K. Hron: Compositional tables analysis with application to manufacturing 197
A. Fesenko: The real use of the operations research methods in conjunction with logistics technologies 203
P. Fiala: Models of coordination games 209
T. Formánek, R. Hušek: Robustness in estimated macroeconomic policy factors for the Czech Republic 215
L. Friebel, J. Friebelová: Using Malmquist index for evaluation of life quality development in the districts of the Czech Republic 221
M. Gavalec, Z. Němcová: Deterministic queuing models in a service line 227
L. Gladavská, L. Králová, M. Plevný: A production line inventory control model with an unbalanced output of the individual production facilities and with respect to other limitations 233
J. Górecki, M. Hofert, M. Holeňa: On the Consistency of an Estimator for Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas 239
V. Hajko, N. Birčiaková, J. Stávková: The trends in the income distributions in the EU-27 countries: Measuring the differences 245
D. Hampel, J. Janová: Simulation of data for reforestation system 251
J. Hančlová, M. Šimek: Do active labour market policy programmes contribute to lower unemployment in the EU countries? 257
K. Hasilová: Iterative Method for Bandwidth Selection in Kernel Discriminant Analysis 263
S. Hašková, R. Zeman: Analytical microeconomics as a search tool for the stock optimization 269
V. Hedija: Title of the contribution Gender Pay Gap in Different Sectors of Czech Economy 275
R. Hendrych: Recursive estimators of GARCH models: Selected problems 281
R. Hlavatý: Saaty's matrix revisited: Securing the consistency of pairwise comparisons 287
M. Hloušek: Zero lower bound on interest rate: application of DSGE model on Czech economy 293
J. Hofman, L. Lukáš: Markov chain model used for sensitivity analysis of paid/unpaid claims in after-payment-due process 299
P. Holeček, J. Talašová: Multiple-Criteria Fuzzy Evaluation in FuzzME - Transitions Between Different Aggregation Operators 305
S. Horakova, R. Jahoda: Decomposition of fiscal imbalance in EU member countries 311
M. Horniaček: Strong Nash general equilibrium 317
R. Horský: Random Walk Process and Its Invertibility 321
M. Houda: A note on the use of copulas in chance-constrained programming 327
E. Hozlár, V. Mlynarovič: Multiple Criteria Approaches in Insurance Fraud and Receivables Nonpayment Risk Modeling 333
K. Hrůzová, K. Hron, P. Filzmoser, V. Todorov: Regression among parts of compositional data with an economic application 337
J. Hvozdenska, V. Kajurova: The application of sovereign bond spreads: The case of France, Germany and Great Britain 343
L. Issever Grochová, P. Rozmahel: Some methodological limitations of business cycle analysis within the European area 348
L. Issever Grochová, J. Janová, D. Hampel, L. Střelec: Alternative approach of assessing European countries efficiency from the perspective of sustainable economic performance 354
J. Jablonský: Multiplicative efficiency and cross-efficiency: a comparative study 360
J. Janáček, M. Kvet: Lexicographic Optimal Public Service System Design 366
V. Jandová, J. Stoklasa, J. Talašová: Modification of the AHP based model for evaluating artistic production of Czech colleges 372
J. Kalina, K. Vlčková: Robust regularized cluster analysis for high-dimensional data 378
V. Kaňková: Multiobjective Stochastic Optimization Problems with Probability Constraints 384
S. Kapounek, J. Poměnková: Credit and Business Cycle Co-movements in V4 countries: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis 390
E. Kasem, O. Trenz, J. Hřebíček: Statistical Method and Neural Network for Sustainability Evaluation 396
N. Kaspříková: Finding Optimal Variable Weights for Distance Calculation Using Metaheuristic Algorithms 402
Z. Kiszová: Multicriteria evaluation of employees - case study 408
K. Kladívko, P. Zimmermann: Index Clause Valuation under Stochastic Inflation and Interest Rate 413
R. Klufová, M. Rost: Is it possible to use multi-criteria criteria decision making methods for rural typology? 419
F. Koblasa, F. Manlig: Application of Adaptive Evolution Algorithm on real-world Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems 425
M. Kobzareva, J. Pelikán: Fuzzy approach for portfolio selection problem 431
A. Kocmanová, M. Pavláková Dočekalová: Sustainable Performance Measurement Using Data Envelopment Analysis 437
J. Kodera, Q. V. Tran: Evaluation of the effects of inflation targeting policy by a modified VAR model 443
M. Koháni: Heuristic Approach to the Zone Partitioning Problem in Counting Zones Tariff System 449
P. Kolman: Dynamic transportation problem with partial limitations of material for each participant of the transport 455
V. Končiková: The impact of China's economic rise on the Czech Republic's motor vehicle exports 460
M. Kopa: Minimal Risk Portfolios under SSD efficiency constraints 465
M. Kostrzewski, S. Śmiech, M. Papież, M. A. Dąbrowski: Commodity prices and real and financial processes in the Euro area: a~Bayesian SVAR approach 471
I. Kotlán, Z. Machová, A. Drobiszová: Uncertainty or Level of Government Expenditure - What Is More Harmful for Economy? 477
P. Kozel, Š. Michalcová, V. Friedrich: The using of linear programming for solving the municipal waste collection problem 483
J. Kramulová, J. Jablonský, J. Zeman: Application of optimization models in visualization of regional data 489
O. Krčál: Finding optimum fares and timetables in a monopoly rail market with heterogeneous passengers 495
J. Krejčí: Fuzzy Maximal Eigenvalues of Fuzzy Pairwise Comparison Matrices 500
L. Kristoufek, M. Vosvrda: Commodity Futures and Market Efficiency 506
M. K. Krzciuk: On the design accuracy of Royall's predictor of domain total for longitudinal data 512
P. Kučera, J. Bartoška, T. Šubrt: Mathematical models of the work contour in project management 518
E. Kuchina: Analysis of the Dependence of the Biggest Oil Companies' Revenues on the World Oil and Gas Price by using Panel Data Tools 524
E. Kuchina, M. Tichá: Analysis of the dependence of GDP of the Russian Federation and the European Union on the Oil Demand and Oil Supply 530
P. Kummerová, M. Hloušek: Comparison of prediction power of BVAR and DSGE models 536
M. Kuncová, J. Sekničková: Analysis of the efficiency of the electricity supplier selection depending upon the price changes 542
M. Kvasnička: Search for the optimal strategy to spread a viral video: An agent-based model optimized with genetic algo- rithms
M. Kvet, J. Janáček: Price of Fairness in Public Service System Design 554
P. Lachout: On functional definition of time-series models 560
T. Lando, L. Bertoli-Barsotti: New tools for complementing the h-index: an empirical study 566
J. Langhamrová, M. Arltová: Life Expectancy and Modal Age at Death in the Czech Republic in 1920-2012 572
K. Lavička: Futures Trading with Transaction Costs 578
Y. Lawryshyn, M. Vinelli: A Comprehensive Cash-Flow Valuation Approach Using Real Options 584
L. Lukáš: Numerical analysis of 3-D nonlinear financial model with lagged variables - influence of initial histories 590
M. Malecka: Multivariate approach to testing VaR models 596
J. Manďák: ICT and technical efficiency of 15 EU countries: A stochastic frontier analysis approach 602
L. Marek: Intervention in time series 608
M. Matulová: A New Consistency Measure for Additive Preference Matrix in Pairwise Comparisons 614
P. Matušková: Estimating Capital Requirement According to Solvency II and its Impact on Insurance Companies 620
J. Mazurek: An Alternative Approach to Interval AHP 626
J. Mazurek, L. Zotyková: On a Gravity Equation of Trade: A Case of Germany and the Czech Republic 631
J. Melechovský: A Variable Neighborhood Search for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Time Windows 637
A. Melecký: Credit Risk in the Czech Construction Sector 643
P. Melicheríková: A Cost-based Model for Support of Decision-making about a Spare-parts Storage 649
E. Mielcová: Application of an Asymmetric Banzhaf Power Index: The Case of the Czech Parliament 655
S. Mikula, J. Schulz: Minimum wage setting mechanism and its effects 661
M. Miśkiewicz-Nawrocka, K. Zeug-Żebro: The effect of the NRL indicator on the accuracy of financial series forecasts 667
K. Mls, M. Gavalec: Fuzzy grey AHP 673
M. Molnárová: Robustness of Monge matrices in fuzzy algebra 679
H. Myšková: Interval Max-drast Systems of Linear Equations 685
K. Myšková, J. Žák: Influence of Technical Parameters of Underpasses and Economical Aspects on Wildlife Migrations 691
T. L. Nawrocki, I. Jonek-Kowalska: The use of fuzzy logic in the operational risk assessment of mining companies 697
D. Němec: Efficiency of the European labour markets: The Case of Czech Republic (A Stochastic frontier model approach) 703
D. Němec, L. Žídek: The role of exchange rate dynamics in Bulgaria and Romania in the process of economic transition 709
K. Odintsov: SDP application on portfolio optimization problem with non-convex quadratic constraints 715
K. Olševičová, A. Danielisová: Applying System Dynamics and Agent-based Modelling in Archaeological Simulation 721
S. Ortobelli, T. Tichý, F. Petronio: On the use of dispersion measures consistent with additive shifts 727
Z. Palová, M. Botlíková, J. Botlík: Correlation analysis of regional disparities - the unemployment and crime in the regions of the Czech Republic 732
S. Palúch, I. Urbaničová: A Heuristic Approach to the $p$-Median Problem Using a Set Covering Formulation 738
V. Pánková: Capital mobility measurements 743
A. Pápai, D. Němec: Labour market rigidities: A DSGE approach 748
M. Papież: A dynamic analysis of causality between prices of corn, crude oil and ethanol 754
O. Pavlačka, P. Rotterová: Probability of Fuzzy Events 760
M. Pechrová: Parametric and Non-Parametric Calculation of Technical Efficiency: Application on the Czech Local Action Groups 766
J. Pelikán: Randomized heuristics for capacitated arc routing problem 772
R. Perzina, J. Ramik: Solving Multicriteria Decision Making Problems using Microsoft Excel 777
Š. Peško, R. Hajtmanek: Matrix permutation problem for fair workload distribution 783
R. Pietrzyk: Evaluation of mutual fund performance on Polish capital market with the use of market timing models 789
R. Pietrzyk, P. Rokita: Optimization of financing multiple goals with multiple investment programs in financial planning for households 795
V. Píša, J. Brůha: A microeconometric analysis of household expenditures on transport services in the Czech Republic 801
V. Pisca, O. Vašíček: DSGE model with government sector and inflation targeting: Structural changes of Czech economy in a period of recession 807
D. Polko: On testing the similarity of multivariate populations' structures 813
J. Poměnková, Z. Kučerová: The Comovement of Financial and Trade Integration: Wavelet Co-Spectrum Approach 819
P. Pražák: Optimal Control Model of Production-Inventory System 825
J. Pražáková, M. Pech: Financial threats of network stability caused by fragments tending to bankruptcy 831
V. Přibyl, J. Černý: Delay Management in Public Transport 837
A. Rajda-Tasior: Inference about product reliability by the analysis of complaints as a strategy for manufacturing process optimization 843
J. Ramík: Pairwise Comparison Matrix With Fuzzy Elements 849
V. Reichel, M. Hloušek: RBC model vs. New Keynesian model: time series analysis of Czech data 855
M. Řičař: Factor and Principal Component Analysis in Scoring Modeling using SAS System 861
T. Rudinskaya: Estimation of Technical Efficiency of Food Processing Firms in the Czech Republic over the crisis period 867
P. Seďa: Conditional Volatility Model Selection and Comparison: Example from Stock Markets 873
J. Sekničková, M. Kuncová: Evaluation of the locality influence on the electricity supplier selection 879
Ľ. Šimková: Impact of cooperation on firms on both sides of the market on innovation 885
O. Šimpach, J. Langhamrová: Stochastic Modelling of Age-specific Mortality Rates for Demographic Projections: Two Different Approaches 890
J. Sixta, J. Fischer, J. Zbranek: Regional Input-Output Tables 896
V. Skoluda: Comparative sensitivity analysis of CGE model results obtained by different model formulations 902
K. Sladký: The Variance of Discounted Rewards in Markov Decision Processes: Laurent Expansion and Sensitive Optimality 908
M. Slanicay: Analysis of Structural Differences between Czech Economy and Euro Area using Impulse Responses 914
S. Śmiech: Dissimilarity of commodity prices - the results of time series clustering 920
N. Soldatyuk, S. Sopko: Methods of solving missing data issues in credit risk scoring and comparison of its effectiveness 926
S. Sopko, N. Soldatyuk: Using cluster analysis techniques based on K-means and Kohonen clustering methods in credit scoring 932
J. Soukopová, J. Kalina, J. Hřebíček: Mathematical and economic model of municipal waste management using Maple 938
R. Šperka, M. Spišák: On Trading Price Microeconomic Estimation in Monte Carlo Simulation 944
A. Sroczyńska-Baron: The analysis of the limit of obligatory offer for chosen sectors in Poland with the use of cooperative games 950
R. Staněk: Convergence to Monetary Equilibrium in Search Model 956
M. Staníčková, L. Melecký: Examination of Internal Relations in Input-Output Factors of Competitiveness by SEM Method 962
J. Stelmach: On the use of genetic algorithms in the selection of predictors of parametric regression models 968
J. Stoklasa, P. Luukka, J. Talašová: Classifier performance assessment in social science - does the quality of data matter? 974
R. Stoklasová: The influence of world oil prices on wheat price level 980
L. Střelec, D. Hampel, L. Issever Grochová, J. Janová: On the measurement of sustainable economic performance 985
P. Suchánek, F. Marecki, M. Marecka, R. Bucki: Analysis of Portfolio Options in the Field of Financial Logistics 991
K. Súkupová, O. Vašíček: Small open economy in period of recession: Nonlinear DSGE approach 997
M. Svoboda, L. Lukáš: Possibilities of using Markov chains for construction of technical analysis indicators of stock exchange index PX 1003
M. Szerszunowicz: On the use of the balanced half-samples method in the construction of factorial designs 1009
K. Szomolányi, M. Lukáčik, A. Lukáčiková: Small Open Economy Real Business Cycle Model of the Slovak Economy 1015
T. Talášek, E. Bohanesová, J. Stoklasa, J. Talašová: Investment decision making using fuzzy scorecards - mutual funds selection 1021
J. Talašová, J. Stoklasa, P. Holeček: HR management through linguistic fuzzy rule bases - a versatile and safe tool? 1027
D. Teichmann, M. Dorda, V. Smrž, J. Vítek: Modelling of Destination Portfolio for International Regional Airport 1033
T. Tichý: Comparison of market risk models with respect to suggested changes of Basel Accord 1039
H. Tomášková, M. Gavalec: Max-prod eigenvectors and their applications in decision making 1045
F. Tošenovský, E. Mielcová: Analysis of the Interconnection of the Czech and Global Stock Markets 1051
Q. V. Tran, J. Kodera: A simulated heterogeneous agent double auction stock market 1057
K. Turečková, E. Kotlánová: Poverty Analysis and Measuring Income Inequality in Czech Republic 1063
S. Tvrz, O. Vašíček: Nonlinear DSGE model of a small open economy with time-varying parameters: Czech economy in a period of recession 1068
Š. Veselý: Identification of player types in ultimatum bargaining games 1074
P. Volf: On Bayes Approach to Optimization 1078
J. Voracek, H. Vojackova, M. Kuncova, D. Zazimal: Modelling, Visualization and Optimization of Hospital Emergency Department 1084
T. Výrost, Š. Lyócsa: Mean-Variance Distance Based Stock Market Networks in Portfolio Optimization 1090
S. Wanat, M. Papież, S. Śmiech: The conditional dependence structure among precious metals: a copula-GARCH approach 1096
T. Węgrzyn: The omega ratio in the performance evaluation of mutual funds using the market timing strategy on the Polish financial market 1102
J. Wróblewska, M. A. Dąbrowski: Financial shocks and real exchange rate movements in Poland and Slovakia in the global financial crisis 1107
M. Zámková, M. Prokop: Consumer behaviour of young people from Slovak Republic on the field of the bioproducts by using the correspondence and dependence analysis 1113
F. Zapletal: Mean-risk model optimizing the heavy industrial company's profit with respect to environmental aspects 1119
K. Zimmermann: Machine Time Scheduling Problems with (max,plus)-Linear Functions 1125
M. Žižka: Model of Evaluation of Socio-Economic Disparities of Sub-Regional Units in the Czech Republic 1130